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Print-Online Combo Offers

Buy with a Click and Sell with a Smile

This online platform will allow advertisers to a whole new audience - not only here in Fiji but also abroad.

Your ad will be viewed on the new Fiji Sun classifieds website. The site is responsive to all types of devices. This means you can view the website on your phone or tablet with ease.

Your ad will also be posted on the Fiji Sun Classifieds facebook page and twitter handle.

You also have the opportunity to load videos with your advert.

This could be YOUR bargain, hurry do not miss out.

Any Liner Ads (COMBO in PAPER and ONLINE)

Less Than 50 words - $5 VIP

More Than 50 words - $20 VIP

1/4 Page or 1/2 Page - $50 VIP

1 Full Page - $100 VIP

Any Liner Ads already in Paper (ADDITIONS to be ONLINE)

$1 VIP per word

$10 VIP per picture

$20 VIP per feature


Contact Fiji Sun Advertising Department for Print-Online Combo Offers. Phone: +679-3309134

Online Offers

A registered user can post 3 Free Ads every 15 days
Ad on display for 7 days

You Need to Register on before applying for a classified Advertisement. Once registered please select the package of your choice and pay through Bank Transfer (Account Details mentioned below). Send email on to process your Classified Advertisement.


FJ$ 10

US$ 5

Ads per person per month: 1
  • Quick ad posting
  • Featured ads availability: 1
  • Ad on Display For 15 days
  • 100% Secure!


FJ$ 20

US$ 9

Ads per person per month: 2
  • Quick ad posting
  • Featured ads availability: 2
  • Ad on Display For 20 days
  • 100% Secure!


FJ$ 50

US$ 24

Ads per person per month: 3
  • Quick ad posting
  • Featured ads availability: 3
  • Ad on Display For 30 days
  • 100% Secure!
Bank details for online Fund transfer in FJ$:
Account Holders Name: Sun (Fiji) News Limited
Account Number : 9801895765
Bank Name and Address: Westpac Banking Corporation, 1 Thomson Street, Suva
SWIFT Code: 039-001
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